Mathematics (I)GCSE&O-Level Revision Notes

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Grade 1/2

Topic Exam Questions Solutions
Addition and Subtraction Addition and Subtraction Solutions
Multiplication and Division Multiplication and Division Solutions
Powers and Roots Powers and Square Roots Solutions
Factors and Multiples Factors, Multiples and Primes Solutions
Fractions of an Amount Fractions of an Amount Solutions
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Solutions
Negative Numbers Negative Numbers Solutions
Simplifying Algebra Collecting Like Terms Solutions
Angles Angles Solutions
Area Perimeter, Area and Volume Solutions
Area of a Trapezium
Averages Mean, Median, Mode and Range Solutions
Frequency Polygons Frequency Polygons Solutions
Stem and Leaf Stem and Leaf Solutions
Pie Charts Pie Charts Solutions

Grade 3

Topic Exam Questions Solutions
Error Intervals Error Intervals Solutions
Fractions Fractions Solutions
Writing and Simplifying Ratio
Ratio Ratio Solutions
Proportion Proportion Ingredients Questions Solutions
Percentages Percentages Solutions
Percentage Change
Exchange Rates Exchange Rates Solutions
Best Buy Questions Best Buys Solutions
Substitution Substitution Solutions
Solving Equations
Solving Equations with an Unknown on Both Sides Solving Equations Solutions
Drawing Graphs Drawing Graphs Solutions
Area and Circumference of Circles Circles Solutions
Transformations Rotations
Mixed Transformations
Rotations Solutions
Reflections Solutions
Enlargements Solutions
Translations Solutions
Mixed Transformations Solutions
Area of Compound Shapes Area of Compound Shapes Solutions
Probability Probability Solutions
Two Way Tables Two Way Tables Solutions

Grade 4

Topic Exam Questions Solutions
Compound Interest and Depreciation Compound Interest and Depreciation Solutions
Indices Indices Solutions
HCF and LCM HCF, LCM Solutions
Functional Maths Questions Functional Questions Solutions
Inequalities Inequalities Solutions
Forming and Solving Equations Forming and Solving Equations Solutions
Types of Sequences
Generating Sequences
Sequences (Nth Term) Sequences (nth term) Solutions
Expanding and Factorising Expand and Factorise Solutions
Pythagoras Pythagoras Solutions
Angle Problems Angles Solutions
Angles in Parallel Lines Angles in Parallel Lines Solutions
Angles in Polygons Angles in Polygons Solutions
Surface Area Surface Area Solutions
Volume of Prisms Volume of Prisms Solutions
Cylinders Volume and Surface Area of Cylinders Solutions
Loci and Construction Loci and Construction Solutions
Bearings Bearings Solutions
Averages from Frequency Tables Averages from Frequency Tables Solutions
Probability Probability Solutions
Scatter Graphs Scatter Graphs Solutions

Grade 5

Topic Exam Questions Solutions
Writing a Ratio as a Fraction or Linear Function Ratio Fraction Problems
Ratio Problems 2
Direct and Inverse Proportion Direct and Inverse Proportion Solutions
Reverse Percentages Reverse Percentages Solutions
Standard Form Standard Form Solutions
Speed and Density Speed and Density Solutions
Changing the Subject of a Formula Changing the Subject of a Formula Solutions
Expanding and Factorising Quadratics Expanding and Factorising Quadratics Solutions
Solving Quadratics Solving Quadratics Solutions
Drawing Quadratic Graphs Drawing Quadratic Graphs Solutions
Drawing Other Graphs: Cubic/Reciprocal Cubic/Reciprocal Graphs Solutions
Simultaneous Equations Simultaneous Equations Solutions
Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically Solutions
Midpoint of a Line Segment
Gradient of a Line Gradient of a Line Solutions
Equation of a Line Equation of a Line Solutions
Spheres and Cones Spheres and Cones Solutions
Sector Areas and Arc Lengths Sectors and Arcs Solutions
Similar Shapes (Lengths) Similar Shapes (Lengths) Solutions
Exact trig values
Congruent Triangles Congruent Triangles Solutions
Vectors Vectors Solutions
Probability Trees Probability Trees Solutions
Venn Diagrams Venn Diagrams Solutions

Grade 6

Topic Exam Questions Solutions
Recurring Decimals to Fractions Converting Recurring Decimals to Fractions Solutions
Fractional and Negative Indices Fractional and Negative Indices Solutions
The Product Rule for Counting The Product Rule for Counting Solutions
Repeated Percentage Change Repeated Percentage Change Solutions
Expanding Triple Brackets Expanding Triple Brackets Solutions
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Solutions
Length of a Line
Inequalities on Graphs Inequalities on Graphs Solutions
Similar Shapes (Area and Volume) Similar Shapes (Area and Volume) Solutions
Enlarging with Negative Scale Factors Enlarging with Negative Scale Factors Solutions
Circle Theorems Circle Theorems Solutions
Cumulative Frequency Cumulative Frequency Solutions
Box Plots Box Plots Solutions

Grade 7

Topic Exam Questions Solutions
Surds Surds Solutions
Bounds Bounds Solutions
Direct and Inverse Proportion Direct and Inverse Proportion Solutions
Quadratic Formula Quadratic Formula Solutions
Factorising Harder Quadratics Factorising Harder Quadratics Solutions
Algebraic Fractions Algebraic Fractions Solutions
Rearranging Harder Formulae Rearranging Harder Formulae Solutions
Harder Graphs: Trig/Exponential Harder Graphs: Trig/Exponential Solutions
Inverse and Composite Functions Inverse and Composite Functions Solutions
Iteration Solving Equations using Iteration Solutions
Finding the Area of Any Triangle Finding the Area of Any Triangle Solutions
The Sine Rule The Sine Rule Solutions
The Cosine Rule The Cosine Rule Solutions
3d Pythagoras 3d Pythagoras Solutions
Histograms Histograms Solutions
Venn Diagrams (“Given that” questions) Venn Diagrams Solutions

Grade 8/9

Topic Exam Questions Solutions
Quadratic Simultaneous Equations Quadratic Simultaneous Equations Solutions
Transforming Graphs y=f(x) Transforming Graphs y=f(x) Solutions
Proof Proof Solutions
Completing the Square Completing the Square Solutions
The Nth Term of a Quadratic Sequence Quadratic Sequences Solutions
Quadratic Inequalities Quadratic Inequalities Solutions
Velocity Time Graphs Velocity Time Graphs Solutions
Proof of the Circle Theorems Proof of the Circle Theorems Solutions
Perpendicular Lines and the equation of a tangent Perpendicular Lines Solutions
Vectors Proof Questions Vectors Solutions
Probability Equation Questions Probability Equation Questions Solutions